søndag den 6. marts 2011

All time favorite: Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)

This is one of the few dubstep tunes i can just keep listening to again and again. It's timeless!
What are some of your favorite timeless tunes?

Filthy dubstep classic: Gramatik - Liquified

This shit is filthier than eating out Rosie O'Donnell! Turn this tune up real loud and enjoy!

lørdag den 5. marts 2011

Dubstep classics: Benga & Coki - Night

One of the all time classics. A true timeless tune! Smoke a joint and listen to this, and it gets even better.

Post your suggestions on other all time dubstep classics in the comment box below!

FS - Touch O Klass

This track was released a few days ago for free download with one other track called "Yup".
Hope you enjoy this track as much as i do!

Hello world!

Hello everybody and welcome to my very first blog post ever.
I will be blogging daily about news on dubstep, new dubstep, top 10's of dubstep related things and more.

I hope everybody will enjoy the blog, and remember to follow! :-)